Mark Pankin Bicycling Page

Cue Sheets - Potomac Pedalers rides I lead. Most start from Thomas Jefferson Junior High and Community Center (TJJ) in Arlington, VA and traverse mainly residential streets in suburban areas, but contain a variety of scenery and riding experiences. They show that you can have nice and interesting rides from a close to the city starting location. The others, which are rides in the country, start from Tyler Elementary School in Haymarket, VA and from the commuter parking lot in Marshall, VA.

Mileage Tracking Spreadsheet - A handy Excel spreadsheet to track the number of miles you have biked during the year. I can probably make versions for other spreadsheet programs upon request.

Potomac Pedalers - With over 3000 members, it is one of the largest bicyling clubs in the country. Many rides are scheduled each weekend in the greater Washington D.C. area, and the club has other functions such as weekends in the mid-Atlantic area. Quite a few cue sheets, with an emphasis on rides in Maryland, are available here.

Washington Area Bicyclists Association (WABA) Home Page - Washington DC area bicycle advocacy, information about discussion groups, links to many sites of interest to bicyclists.


A rider was seriously injured on a ride I led in June 1996. She crashed by hitting a pothole going down hill at high speed and suffered a broken collarbone and a broken shoulder blade. Her helmet was cracked open, but she did not have any head or neck injuries nor any cosmetic facial injuries. Without the helmet she may well have had life threatening or life altering injuries. You can never tell when or where an accident will happen, so the only reasonable course of action is to wear your helmet - ALWAYS! If you don't have a helmet, get one before your next ride and wear it.